Botanatomical snap dragons


Didn’t actually know ‘botanatomy’ was actually a real word until I looked it up so I’ve learnt something new today. With the weather in England being as hot as it is at the moment, I am being nagged at constantly to go out and draw stuff in the garden while it’s ‘nice and sunny’. The problem is that I’m ginger and literally burn at the same rate as a vampire so I stay away from ‘outside’ as much as I can help it until a more agreeable thunderstorm comes along. However, I did manage a few botanical illustrations today focusing on my favourite garden flower, the snap dragon.


I suppose it’s my favourite because if you squeeze the flower’s ‘neck’, the petals move apart like a mouth opening. When you look directly into the flower you can readily imagine you are gazing into some bizarre creature’s maw (as seen above). I love learning about the natural world but while photography has revolutionised visual communication and our understanding over the last century or so, I think that it has also taken away the charm that old anatomical illustrations of plants and animals captured. Personally I’d like to see illustration-based reference books make a comeback!


(Note: To any biology people out there, please forgive me if any of my jottings are incorrect. I only did GCSE Biology so some of the plant’s parts may be incorrectly labelled. It’s been a while since GCSE and my brain gets rusty!)




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