Robin Hood’s Bay

Waiting for the tide

Well I’m back from my holiday to the Yorkshire coast, now back in the Midlands as far from the sea as is possible to get in Britain, so needless to say I am currently in a grump. Didn’t get much time to sit sketching but here are the three little doodles I managed to get done while waiting for the tide to go out in Robin Hood’s Bay. These three were created using black fineliners and white gel pen on brown A5 paper. I would’ve liked to have spent the whole day sketching but alas, the fossil shops were calling to me to spend my hard-earned money. Needless to say, East Yorkshire’s economy has been greatly boosted by my visit! I’m now off to work to try and revive my floundering bank account…

Robin Hood's Bay (High Tide)

Robin Hood’s Bay at high tide.

Robin Hood's Bay from Patricia Ann Taylor's bench

Robin Hood’s bay as seen from the top of the cliff.



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