Back in 5 (days)



Yarn bombing at Saltburn Pier 2013: scroll down post to see some more amazing knitting and crochet!

Yes! I am off on my holidays up to Scarborough (the UK one) with my boyfriend as a celebration of us both passing our university courses… with FIRST (Hons)! Woohoo! The Yorkshire coast is amazing with its fossil-laden cliffs, thriving rock pools and, last time I went, it’s fantastic yarn-bombing! Not as dangerous as it sounds… Yarn bombing is mainly graffiti using yarn, type it into Google and no doubt you’ll find loads of bizarre creations.

The yarn bombing I found stretched down the entirety of the pier at Saltburn and had many little scenes of sea creatures, fishermen and even a lighthouse. I regard myself as a decent knitter and crochet(er?) and would one day like to try some yarn bombing of my own. Perhaps even yarn bomb something while I’m on holiday. Scratch that, I’ll just go and live at the sea! Best idea yet!


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