Better late than never… the finished shop window!

shop front

I actually remembered to take my camera today! Here is the finished article, a stupendous, illustrated, nautical-themed window for The Melton Bookshop. Have a scroll through the blog to see some of the close-ups. The illustration carries a shortened quote from Jules Verne’s novel ‘20,000 Leagues Under The Sea’ and is decorated with numerous sea-beasties from beckoning tentacles at the door to a book-token ‘pinching’ lobster in the bottom left. The design was drawn straight onto the window from the inside, which meant that the text had to be done in reverse (so please don’t judge me on my handwriting!), using chalk pens which thankfully are fabulously easy to erase. The design will stay up until the autumn when the window will be redecorated for the new season. Have a scroll down to see some of the creatures up close!


Criminal crustaceanlobster


A criminal crustacean is making off with some of the shop’s book tokens! This cheeky chap was largely inspired by a very handsome devil I caught off the sea wall of Staithes last year. It was the first lobster I’d seen out of captivity and I was childishly excited about it for the rest of the holiday. And to answer the ultimate question: no I didn’t eat it, it gave me the old puppy-dog eyes and I returned it to its watery home.


A couple of over-sized seahorses, all sense of proportion in the illustration went… ‘out the window’. I can’t apologise enough for that appalling pun. These two seem to be the favourites of any children passing the window.


Moon jellyfish or Aurelia aurita to give them their scientific name. Thought I’d stick to the non-dangerous jellyfish for the shop window.


A deep sea diver, enjoying his favourite book on the sea bed. Not sure how the book is managing to stay together underwater but you’re not meant to think of that. There’s a mischievous little octopus on his head, which is meant to look cute but he does sort of look like he’s planning to disconnect the diver’s air pipe. Purely unintentional.

And finally, here is the whole window. Please check out The Melton Bookshop’s Twitter page or their Facebook page and leave them a Like or a Follow. Whatever it is that these social media things do. Thank you for having a browse through my post, I hope it’s brightened your day a little!



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