Ingenious Genetics

page spread

And my book is back from the printers in time for assessments! Relief! This is a spread from my book ‘Ingenious Genetics’ that I have written and illustrated for one of my major projects for my university finals.

The book is aimed at GCSE-level adolescents (15 – 16 years-old) and contains information on the fields of genetics and genetic engineering (including DNA replication, transcription, translation, selective breeding, cloning, genetic modification and so on). For the project, I proposed a series of books, each covering a different area of the sciences, with the aim of giving teenagers an insight into the different fields so they can make more informed choices as to their further education, from A-level and onward.

I have been interested in genetic engineering since I was 14 and can remember doing a project on the moral issues during Humanities. I am fairly unbiased towards the subject which made it easier for me to make ‘Ingenious Genetics’ wholly informative with none of my own opinions. The best part for me was learning about DNA myself, I never studied Biology at A-level so up until this year my entire genetic knowledge stopped at ‘DNA is found in the nucleus of cells’. Unfortunately, although my knowledge of the subject has now increased, I have still managed to make a monumental mistake in the above illustration (which I shall correct in due course). Despite the entire page being about the sugar-phosphate backbones running antiparallel to each other, my concentration lapsed while illustrating and the far right illustration of the DNA chain portrays both strands running in the same direction.

Whoops, seems I’ve just messed up life as we know it… hopefully my illustration tutors won’t notice, here’s hoping! I won’t be making that mistake again.

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