Steampunk seadragon

Steampunk seadragon

It is my firm belief that inspiration comes in the most unlikeliest of forms and often has nothing at all in resemblance to the end product. This is a prime example of such an occurrence- this beastie popped into my head while watching an episode of comedy-drama ‘Doc Martin’.

Anyway, I’m not sure if this is steampunk, dieselpunk or neither but it’s grungy and has a gas mask! This is what results when I mix things that interest me, in this case it was skeletal forms, war-related items and marine wildlife. The blend created this bizarre mechanical menace based on the overall form of a seadragon but made from human bones. These things often spark insights into potential stories (few of which actually transfer from imagination to writing, unfortunately). In this case, the insight was that these creations exist in a future world ravaged by war. World population has decreased dramatically through advances in long-range devastating weaponry so much fighting is carried out through machinery. These sea-based creations carry explosives used to destroy submarines (or the future equivalent, underwater facilities maybe?). The bones and mask are perhaps added to strike extra fear into the target. Looking through a porthole to see a fleet of these cruising slowly towards you would be a terrifying sight!



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