Biro architecture


An illustration in the style of Piranesi, one of my favourite artists. Approximately A5 in scale and done in biro.

I discovered his work when on a trip to see some modern installation art at a gallery, a movement that I don’t care much for. The main exhibition hall contained what could only be described as a giant spiky foam dodecahedron and after circuiting it once I decided that was enough ‘mind-blowing’ modern art for one day. The main hall had a small side room attached to it and wandering in I discovered, for the first time, the magnificent works of Piranesi reproduced as large prints. Needless to say the dodecahedron got no more attention from me that day.

This A5 illustration was inspired by his amazing works and one day I hope to do a larger scale version but probably without the cephalopods which were added as a last-minute idea.

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