Mr. Shrike Character Design

Mr. Shrike

A piece of character design of one of my favourite literary characters, Mr. Shrike from Philip Reeve’s ‘Mortal Engines’ series. Mortal Engines is set in a future that sees massive cities rolling round on wheels or caterpillar tracks, devouring each other and salvaging metal and other materials in order to survive. It’s a cruel world and the books have possibly the most death I have ever read in a series for children/young adults but they are absolutely brilliant and would recommend them to anyone.

Mr.Shrike is a Stalker, a human resurrected as a robot with no memory of his previous life. Stalkers are programmed to kill specific targets (similar to Terminators I suppose) and really are horrifying creations. Shrike himself wears his preserved original human face as a mask, with his huge luminous green eyes protruding from the eye sockets. In truth he was absolutely fantastic to draw! See some other drawings of him here.

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