Genetics book finally finished!

Genetics section title

Haven’t had a chance to put anything new on for a few weeks unfortunately. My final assessments are fast approaching so any time I have is either spent planning, drawing and editing final pieces. Can’t wait for it to end so I can have a rest!

Thankfully, I have just finished the final piece for one of my major projects. It’s a book for GCSE-stage children (ages 15-16) called ‘Ingenious Genetics’ which is one in a series of proposed books that contain more advanced information on the different areasĀ of science. The idea is that by having these resources at GCSE age, children who are interested in science as a career will be able to make a more informed choice as to which of the sciences they would like to go into. Ingenious genetics focuses first on the history of genetics starting with Gregor Mendel’s observations of variation in pea plants before advancing to the in-depth structure of DNA. The end section focuses on cloning and genetic engineering, how these are performed and what advances science has made and is hoping to make in the future.

I took Biology at GCSE level but didn’t follow it into A-level, something which I regret now because I love science, so this book was a mega learning curve for me too but I’m pretty proud of what I’ve created with what I learnt from a summer of intensive research. I will upload some more images from the book in the near future, but it may well be after my deadlines!