The Vulnerability of Man

Vulnerability of Man

The first completed illustration for my Final Project at university. I’m concocting a humorous magazine, written in the style of a scientific study, based on ‘Man in the Retail Environment’. The magazine outlines the theorized hierarchy of a discount shop’s ecosystem and examines the behaviors and attempts at communication between sales assistants and consumers along with other subject. The entire content is unbiased and inspired by my own observations, having worked as a sales assistant in a discount shop throughout my studies.

The illustration above is from the section ‘The Devoltuion of Man’ which outlines Man’s dependence on retail to survive having lost the instinct to hunt for food, source clean water and in many individual cases, not having the know-how to clothe themselves or build shelter. Naturally speaking, Man is just as vulnerable in the mature adult stage as he/she is in the prenatal stage.

The above illustration was completed in pyrography on birch plywood. The saturation was then lowered on Photoshop.

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